Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Normal service to resume shortly

The post title makes me sound like a train! I am reading a history of the London Underground at the moment, maybe that sparked it.

Chug chug chugging along is how I feel at the moment. Busy (but very interesting) work including trips away - and probably the change to dark nights and mornings - has slowed my engine down ;-)

This was me on Saturday - wrapped up in a plaid flannel shirt and blue scarf, and Edwardian-style coat & boots, with a bright woolly hat. Mr SS calls me Berry Head when I wear it.

Perce (or to use her alternative names: Cleopatra Fang or Mrs P Tweeter) is equally snoozy, seen here on soft Egyptian cotton  (!) -

I'll be back posting more frequently when I'm feeling a bit more energetic. Love to you all, especially those dealing with more serious things than a bit of tiredness xxx


  1. Ahh, Mrs Berry Head, that's cute! And you look toasty and warm, which you need to be in this increasingly chilly weather. Perce has got it right - snuggle down and snooze on some fine bed linen!
    No rush, get back to blogging when you feel like it - we'll be here! xxxx

  2. AWWW that is the cutest hat!! A bright hat or coat definitely helps with the dreary weather.

    Miss Percy and I have a common remedy to days like that.

  3. I'm loving Berry Head, you look so cute and snuggly wrapped up and Perse is a close second.
    Take a break, chill out and have some Rachel time. we're not going anywhere. I'll be following your lead in 40 days time and unplugging altogether! xxx

  4. I love your red hat! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Lovely coat and cherry topper :)

    Daylight Savings Time I still cannot comprehend. What is it saving, exactly? I always feel like I'm dying after the fall time change - for at least two weeks :(

  6. Just checking in! Miss you, and hope you're feeling more like writing soon. I hope you are busy taking over the world ... you'd make a fine Grand Planet Overlord. Or whatever you're doing, hope it's fun. Get rest, pet dog.


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