Monday, 4 November 2013

New boot love & 4 days capsule

Hello lovelies. Sorry for quietness. Last week was hectic at work, so I powered down in the evenings and recharged. Ditto the weekend, with some windswept wet walks with (the) woofer and nice food.

Mr SS is very very nice to me, and gave me new boots to perk me up. Dark brown leather with ink-blue buttons.

Aren't they pretty? From the favoured Camper. But a bit Fluevog-style too, do you think?Guaranteed, these will love my feet. I hope Camper never change their fit, because they ARE my feet.

I am going on a work trip for the next four days and need a capsule that will fit in my suitcase along with work papers, books and a giant washbag (I do not travel light in cosmetics). It is a bit cold and I am going oop t'North West, so need layers.

OK, here it is:

From the top- 3 jersey tees (navy, charcoal & black), 3 scarves (gorgeous multicoloured silk vintage Liberty, soft teal horse scarf and rose pink wool scarf), prawn-leg skinny jeans, 2 pairs narrow-leg trousers - in stretch black cotton (photo distorted in colour, weirdly), and dark grey jersey -

Plus - the hubbahubba striped knit dress, two drapey cardis (in ice-blue and charcoal) -

Plus a striped wool skirt and long sleeve striped tshirt.

With the new boots & some ballet flats, I am hoping this will cover 2 days at a conference, and 2 days of meetings, plus a posh dinner (yum), an evening reception and a final evening all to myself!

Mr SS is staying home with Perce this week, who has taken to looking winsome, wrapped in blankets.

I is a deep thinker

Hope you all have a lovely week, and see you at the weekend! xxx


  1. Looks like a good capsule for travel to me! I like your new boots quite a bit. And I really want to curl up with Percy!

  2. That looks like a fabulous bit of packing especially the prawn skinnies, the stripy dress and that sweet woollen skirt. I knew those boots were Camper, the shape of the toes gives them away. What a fabulous pressie.
    Look at Percy all wrapped up and as cute as a button!
    Hope your trip away isn't too much like hard work! xxx

  3. Super love the new boots!! I've been brand experimenting - Rieker and Naot! I've also been looking into Think. All funky comfort brands. I've yet to score any campers off ebay though I keep trying!

    I find myself thinking more and more about your capsules as I thrift. I don't know if my burgeoning closet is getting any better, but I am tryin'!

  4. You are the mistress of capsules - well done, you! I love the hubbahubba dress and the striped skirt, and oh, so sweet Percy!

  5. Damn - Blogger just ate my comment!
    I'll start again...
    You do organise a good capsule, I'm sure those layers and the fab new boots will come in handy for a wet and windy and chilly North West! Hope the trip goes well.
    Ohhhhh Peeeeeerce! She is such a honey! A warm blankie is a dog's best accessory!
    PS. Eek - sent my Outraged of Sheffield email... Will let you know if I get a reply! xxxx

  6. I'm a total sucker for the striped dress, and love the boots. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too anytime.


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