Sunday, 10 November 2013

furry weekend


The work trip this week was hard work but fun - and the capsule wardrobe worked out just right. It rained every day in Manchester, as expected, and a little in London - but I still had enough to wear to each meeting / event. The key part that works for me is to include an extra outfit for meals out in the evening, several bright scarves and a fresh top for every day of the trip.

On Saturday, I headed into town for my regular 3-weekly acupuncture appointment. While there, I got my ears re-pierced (not fazed by 2 more needles after 15+ in my back!) and traded in my consignment credit + £7 for this lovely berry-coloured furry gilet top (fake fur, of course) -

tiny titanium earbolts make me happy

 So so warm. It zips up at the back so fits nicely. The furryness is really very exciting, behold -

the furryness also makes me happy

And now for something really furry -

Perce has learned to sit down when we stop for coffee by the Dilapidated Victorian Graveyard (with a steady stream of treats of course). Atta girl.

Right, I'm off to catch up on blogs - I am very behind on everyone's news as my android phone would only show me a tantalising peek of t'internet while I was away - so I have some catching up to do! XXX


  1. Ooh, I love your furry vest - and I laughed at your excited pose!

  2. What a cute furry vest. And I cringed at hearing about all your needles.

  3. I love your furry gilet, such a snuggly fit and a lovely colour. I used to get acupuncture for free when I worked at a chiropractic clinic, its the best!
    Well done on getting Percy to sit, she gets cuter by the day! x

  4. The gilet zips up at the back? That's interesting! It does look really cosy, and I love the colour. Good to know your work trip went well, and that the capsule was successful - you're an expert!
    Percy is such a good girl - she suits pink! xxxx

  5. Oh my gosh, I'd sit and pet the gilet all day long! It looks really comfy and warm! And hello Percy!!

  6. Awwwww. The whole post: Awwww. That is the most wonderous vest! Sooooo cute with your hair and very cute figure! New bolts, furry vest, lovely face, sweet dog.
    One needs nothing additional to construct the perfect post.

  7. That fur is fake? It looks so real--and beautiful.


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