Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weekend: stripes, flowers & drizzle


Taking my pic under a print of a local street (known in my head as the Street of Romance), Mr SS and I got engaged (well, on a hill just off it), bought our rings from a local jeweller and held a party a month after we got married to celebrate. The print (not hung skew-whiff, it's my photo-taking) captures the street at night, shadowed, spooky and Sherlock-style.

I had a bad case of mardy-face* in the full length pic I took this morning. Happily, I have worn a similar combo before, so here I am last December, with shorter non-red hair and similar bandit scarf -

*mardy = grumpy in Midlands / Northern England speak!

My jeans are wideleg 70's style - with a secret - flannel pajamas sewn inside! Behold -

Every pair of jeans should have added pjs. They make me smile.

What are you all up to this weekend? My Mum is visiting - she met Percy for the first time. Here is Percy on Friday night, getting herself spruced up and ready for lots of fuss. They are getting on famously.

captured mid-lick

Lots of love xxx

P.S. Got some super flowers from the train station flower lady* again - orangey thistles, yellow weed-like ones and long sprays of orange flowers. This week she noted I always pick out the weird flowers. Busted!

*linking so you can her gorgeous display at the station. Linking only because I love & to support local business.

pre-drizzle on Saturday


  1. I really like it with the saturated teal scarf -- it really plays off the red hair!

  2. Ahh, love the story of the picture, you really shouldn't be a mardy bum when posing next to such a romantically charged painting!
    Lovely stripes, cosy jeans, your mum staying, and darling Percy, all shipshape and Bristol fashion (ha!) - that sounds like the recipe for a delicious weekend! Oh and flowers too, in gorgeous favourite vases, just the ticket.
    PS. I remember wearing scarves that way in the early 1980s, I think it was the New Romantic influence. See, we're back to romance, isn't that nice! xxxx

  3. What a lovely story behind that fabulous print! I wouldn't have noticed the skewiffery (I just made that up!) if you hadn't mentioned it.
    Fab idea for jeans and cool stripes, too. I love the word mardy, I don't use it often enough. How lovely for your Mum to meet Percy for the first time, I bet she's as enamoured as we are!
    You've inspired me to use one of my glug's as a vase today. They look brilliant, it's like he's sword swallowing. xxx

  4. Fun post. Pretty socks and scarves.

  5. I love the word "mardy" - I may have to start using it!

    Percy is gorgeous as always! And the print is so neat, I love it!

  6. I love your funky vases! I like having art that means something to me as well - I have a picture of the pub we went to with friends for over 10 years. Ah, memories.


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