Monday, 21 October 2013

Visible knitted dress and a panda


Today I had an important meeting and wanted to feel swish but warm. I was up early and it felt cold - so out came my dark grey and black sale bargain knitted dress, with a blue/brown swallows scarf, blue tights & brown boots.

When I got to Paddington station in London, Ikea were doing a bear sale for charity - below is the stall - the white speech bubble on the right (below departures board) says - "Teddy honesty box'. You put money in an envelope and posted it in. Not that trusting though - the man in a high vis jacket (just seen, next to speech bubble and behind cardboard trees) was a security guard. Guarding the bears.

The pandas were selling out fast. It was quiet when I first took the photo then as I was leaving, a crowd descended around the bear box! It was funny to see people leaving the station carrying bears. It did look a bit strange when security looked in my bag later ('A panda?').

It all reminded me of the bear shop when we visited the pandas at Edinburgh zoo - see post here -

Somebody thought the panda was for them -

*Percy stamps paw*

I am hiding it behind my back as she goes huffing off.

It was a lovely day in London (no rain, in contrast to the South West, where I had travelled from) -

Mornin' Admiral

And there were lots of excited tourists, which always makes me smile. I still get a kick out of going to London, even though I sometimes go weekly for work.

So all in all, a pretty good Monday! I am shortly heading over to Patti's to be Visible in my knitted dress (before getting an early night) - why don't you come on over to Visible Monday?

Happy Monday xxx


  1. A bear honesty stall - I don't think life gets any better than that! What a gorgeous idea. You look lovely in the dress, boots, scarf combo. I keep dressing up warm in the morning as it feels cold and dark. Quickly have to de-layer once I reach the office though as the heating is on way too high! Good luck keeping Percy away from panda ;) xx

  2. That is a great dress! It looks so stylish and cozy! And that panda idea is great! I wish our Ikea did that!

  3. The panda is adorable, the perfect accessory! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  4. I think Percy has her beady eye on that panda!
    You look lovely in that very well-fitting dress, the swirly skirt is beautiful.
    I love honesty boxes, but always wonder if giving people the chance to do the right thing means that they do... I hope so. An honesty box accompanied by a high vis-wearing security guard is something of a contradiction in terms though!

  5. That dress is so lovely on you, a perfect fit.
    Poor Percy, she'll wait till you've gone to work today and hunt that panda down, I'm sure!
    How lovely to have a day of sunshine, the last couple here have been awful. It certainly lifts the spirits, x

  6. I love the dress on you!! It's very pretty! Such a cute stuffed panda too! Poor Percy, I definitely think she wanted it!

  7. What a great dress - I am always on the lookout for a good sweater dress. I've been one of those excited tourists in Picadilly! Love the panda.

  8. Awww cutie panda!! I love that dress. I can't get over how much Percy looks like my inlaws late doggie, Cody!! Too cute.

  9. Wow! Great dress, and would have never thought your bird scarf would go so well, but you work it with complete fabulosity!
    Bears ... CANNOT resist them. I really think they're sentient. Or almost. No ... I know they can see right into my heart. I have a collection, and have actually taken a special Ted to a very fancy high tea on a long ago, lonely afternoon. Please don't tell anyone I actually did that. They're the best company.


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