Tuesday, 15 October 2013

In the greys and some shaggy hair


Percy hasn't quite mastered facing the camera. Today was a mixture of textures in grey - a graphic tee (gift from Chipmunk!), wool cardi and jersey narrow-leg trouser. Plus a grey-blue-green striped scarf, tied in a Roman Knot.

Despite the mutedness of the greys, I think it looked more interesting - and the textures more distinct IRL than in my pictures (which is why I am asking Santa for a new camera. Suggestions very welcome).

cardi - Jigsaw
scarf - from Rome
narrow-leg trousers - Jaeger (outlet)
graphic tee - Levis (gift)
brogue boots - Cara London
My hair has started to get a little flicky & shaggy - more so than usual anyhow. Several people at work have asked if I am growing my hair out (yes) - I was telling one person that the last time it was longer than an elfin cut, I was in my early teens, behold -

I loved that hat and jumper. I was kneehigh to a grasshopper then (aka tiny).

I also dyed it red a lot around this time -

This was taken on a school trip. I pinched the picture from the school noticeboard display as it was the nicest pic of me I'd seen. I may look bored, but I was actually really interested in what was being said to me! And wearing a borrowed cagoule!

My next trim is in two weeks, I hope it will be a nearly-bob by then.

Hope you are lovely beginnings to the week... xx


  1. Cagoule? I love that word but I haven't a clue what it means (just looked it up). Animals are spooky the way they know the exact moment a camera is turned on them and look away. As for camera tips, any NEW camera always fits my bill. And you coloured your hair as a youth? I looove that. I was too namby-pamby to do that. Great shot with the glasses as well.
    As for the grey outfit, you look cool and comfy.

    1. A cagoule is like a rainmac, or a pack-a-mac?

  2. Hello, pretty Squirrel! You're looking cool in gray, and cozy at the same time ... I'm so glad that I'm beginning to see it around again. I'm focused on boots today ... your brougey ones are fine looking. So effortless and adorable, you!
    Nothing competes with a dog sporting spotted ears. So happy for you guys!

    1. I need a spotty top to match Percy's ears! She keeps stealing my sartorial thunder!

  3. How lovely to see the photos of teenage you! The last one is especially gorgeous, what a little supermodel.
    You look elegant and cosy in your outfit of textured greys, definitely boots and scarf weather now, isn't it? Patience with your hair, Rachel, it will get there!
    Percy looks adorable, whichever way she's facing - my cats are forever showing their bums to the world when they sneak into my pics! xxxxx

  4. What a gorgeous little girl you were, I remember those velvet hats well and you look like you should have been a model in the last picture, despite the cagoule!
    You do look snug, slinky and fab in your layers of grey, the Roman knot is a new one on me and more interesting than that single loop that's been around for the last few years.
    Percy is every inch the blogger's pet, photo bombing and upstaging her human at every opportunity! xxx

  5. Ooh fun old pictures! I love the red color you used to do - I used to do red too! I haven't in a few years now. Good luck with growing it out - I know it can be a tedious process!

  6. Great to see the top is still being put to good use! Your teenage photo is stunning - looks like you were in a film! You pretty lady, you. Maybe some clever trickery with treats might get Percy to face the camera for us?!

    1. ah, blushing. Thank you for the top! xx

  7. Aww you're are so the cutest thing ever. I love your scarf!

    I'm doing the grow-out right along with you. I miss my a-line bob and am tired of paying for trims every few weeks. Lots of luck!

    1. Growing-out is a bit tedious isn't it? I keep thinking I will throw in the towel & go back to short! xx

  8. You look just like Angela Chase! :D


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