Sunday, 27 October 2013

A new coat.... and some weekend


Well happily, after my last cheery post, the week continued on being nice. Including time to get my hair trimmed and coloured - I think it will have grown to the length I'm aiming for in the next month or so, hopefully...

Now, this tunic dress. A bit on its last legs (the photos don't show the bobbles) but a favourite. Every so often, like in this post, I forget how short it is and wear it with tights not leggings. Leg-baring went on all day today & I only remembered at home-time. Ah well ;-)

So happy to have neater and redder hair.

Now a new coat - but not for me!

Perce is feeling the cold...

Is this my best side?

It's a Barbour* too! I know! But in tiny size, so not overly spendy. It fits Perce perfectly in the body, but I've needed to add elastic to the belly strap as she has been eating too many sausages, or something...

*UK waxed jacket company, linking only because I like. My waxed cape is from there.

This picture looked shadowy and Sherlock-like -

Then the weekend came along & was very welcome. It passed in a blur of overalls - we did some painting & decorating (see here for my whizzy DIY outfit. If I am not wearing overalls, it ain't DIY).

Saturday evening, the reward for painting lots was pizza and Montalbano -

I liked the lady's hairdo and tried to get a picture of it.
She unfortunately met a sticky end.
Sunday we headed out to the Dilapidated Victorian Graveyard. On the way back, we stopped by neighbouring allotments which look out over the city -

look where? why?
 Outfit pics went out of the window. Little tinker -

Painting done now, time for feet up & wine. Hope you have all had lovely weekends - what have you been up to? xxx


  1. That looks like a lovely time - Percy's new coat is marvelous!

  2. Ahh, the feet up with wine position, my favourite. That sounds saucier than I intended actually... Yoga positions, I meant. Obviously.
    Let's move on. Percy's got a coat! And not just any old coat, a Barbour! She's a posh dog. And tell her I have the same trouble with the expanding belly, due to sausages, or something...
    I like the short stripey tunic dress, you've got great legs so why not show them off once in a while?
    A quiet-ish weekend here, but that's fine. And now it's half term so there are lovely lie-ins to be had, hurray! Have a good week, Rachel. xxxx

  3. You (and Percy) look fab! You have great legs and such a pretty face, your hair really shows it off!
    I'm hoping for Montalbano followed by Ripper Street tonight (sadly no wine or pizza), a night of thrills and eye candy! x

    1. I mustmustmust catch this Ripper Street! xx

  4. Aww, Percy looks so cute in the new coat! And you look wonderful as well, I love the new hair color! So pretty!

  5. Sweet dress... so sad it's dying. I repaired mystery holes in a very cheap striped tee that I just love ... will get one more season with a vest or jacket, too. Dan really loves Breton shape and stripes (must remind him of some movie star he had a crush on in the 60s ... hmmmm.) You look sweet, and I love your hair color. Have always wanted a messy little pixie, but don't have the petite features they require. I see where you're taking the cut ... great idea.
    You and puppy are the most adorable subjects. So glad she got you for her forever-mum.

    1. Oh thank you Jan. For calling me a messy pixie and for understanding dog-love! xx


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