Monday, 4 February 2013

Visibly stripe-stripey

Well, Monday rocks around again, and oh, I do like a stripe. And I have done, for quite some time...

What a pose!
The pink scarf and stripes make me feel cheerful. I was even singing in the office today.

This led me onto a stripe-on-blog-retrospective...

Flying pug says hiya

Mainly the zebra-prison stripe, but the occasional coloured stripe...

eep, close up!

I love this cardi - on its last legs now, though..

Feel like the Scooby Doo lady here

And finally a tunic.

Do you have any patterns or prints you just cannot stop wearing, even since childhood ?

As I am Visible in my striped romper top, I am joining Patti's excellent round-up of bloggers at Visible Monday. Come on over!


  1. I also love me some stripes! I think the pattern I've loved more since childhood is plaid though. I loved wearing plaid skirts as a little girl and I still do now!

    PS - the dress in the last picture is my favorite!

    1. Thank you Bethie - I wore the tunic dress just for you on Friday, but then got home late & forgot to take a picture - doh.

  2. Oh, the picture of baby-you is so sweet! I love stripes too and have to stop myself from buying more : > You look terrific in them, and thanks for linking up!

  3. Yay! I love stripes. I went through a phase where all I would wear is stripes (I also had a fluffy dress stage, a No Pink stage, a Black Only stage, and a I-won't-take-off-these-mardi-gras-bead stage)

    You were (and are!) such a cutie!

    1. I want you to wear your mardi-gras-beads again!

      I'm glad you think I'm still cute :-)

  4. You look wonderful in stripes. I have always favoured very costume-y dresses!

    1. And you look fabulous in those dresses!

  5. Well, if stripes work for you - and they most certainly do - then keep wearing them! Love the baby pic, what a cutie!
    I don't think I have any favourites which have stood the test of time - I did an all black/plain/no print phase... but I am fully recovered now! When I think about all the patterns and colours and dresses I wore as a child, I am clearly reverting to my MUCH younger self! xxxx

  6. Stripes rock! I do find myself rather drawn to them, mostly boat-necked shirts and dresses. But I cannot stop buying black either, although I do try.

    You were such cute baby in your striped onsie!


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