Sunday, 17 February 2013

Spring has sprung...

overalls - Dickies. Note the
stylish dropped crotch
and generous leg cut. The collar is
always up.
gloves - Marigolds
clogs - gardening ones, a gift (not Crocs!)
...and that means DIY.

Please note that despite the recently posted picture of the new roof-in-progress (picture of course not taken by me, but by our nimble-as-a-mountain-goat roofer), and now today I am in overalls - Fashion Maths will not be turning into a DIY blog. Normal service to resume tomorrow, but this was my main outfit today (when I wasn't mooching in pj's).


And I mean it about Spring - things are flowering. Check out the daffs and hyacinth behind me on the windowsill. Spring, you are very welcome.

Hope you are all having lovely weekends.


  1. Ha, your most stylish look ever, Mrs S!
    Sometimes, you just have to cover up and get on with the mucky jobs...
    It has been a lovely sunny day here, it certainly did feel as though Spring is on its way. xxxx

  2. Hee! Even in coveralls, you're totally cute. Spring is definitely on its way. Hope the construction clears up quickly and you get to have fun time in the garden.

  3. I agree with Megan -- you look cute.

    1. I am happy with yours, and Megan Mae's cute ratings!

  4. Oh spring, how I wish it was on the way here! We have two more snowstorms on the way instead, it shall be awhile I think!

    I like the coveralls!!

  5. High five girl! You made me smile. I am very enamored of the neon green Croc-like


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