Saturday, 9 February 2013


soft flannel checked shirt, the perfect cut - Aubin & Wills
even softer fine knit - Jigsaw
skinny jeans - Topshop
boots - Camper
Sorry for the gap in posting.

As you'll seen in the last post, I was bright and breezy on Monday. Things didn't exactly go downhill from there, but it was a very busy week at work.  My stomach went very bad - the no-dairy diet is working really well, but stress tips it all out of balance too, unfortunately. I have a lot on at work at the moment and the usual ways to reduce my workload are out of reach (aka 1 - delegate - we are recruiting those I could delegate too, so that needs to happen + then training them... & 2 - prioritise the urgent - oh, it's all urgent apparently), so as well as using the magic word (no), I need to reduce my standards somewhat when deciding when something is 'finished'. I can be rather hard on myself sometimes.

Then on Thursday I heard I hadn't been successful for a voluntary position I applied for months ago. Shortlisted, but not finally picked. Disappointed would be the word, and a little bruised from what was a long and demanding application process.

So I have been mending my sails, wrapping up in lovely soft clothes, hunkering down reading Lord of the Rings (am halfway through the trilogy! Getting very exciting) and Vogue and just generally taking it easy with good healing food. Back to Fitball (Pilates on a ball) class on Monday, too, that always helps.

Speaking of mending, this is our new roof-in-progress:

Lots of mending going on there too! Getting this done is such a relief - for those of you not in the UK, we had a record wet year last year and our poor house is saturated. Can only help reduce the stress levels, getting rid of strategically-placed buckets ;-)

Hope you are all keeping well & having fun and relaxing weekends xx


  1. You look really cute in this photo.

  2. Ugh, a leaky roof IS stressful, I have had that experience of dread every time it rains (which is a lot). What a shame about your variously disappointing, over-busy and poorly-tummied week. I hope that cute checked shirts and warm sweaters and Frodo and the gang and delicious non-dairy food and fantasy fashion have recharged your energies and your mood! xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Curtise - that is exactly the feeling, I'm glad you understand.

      Following refreshing weekend, I am back to perkiness :-) xxx

  3. Hope this week is going better than the last. Thinking of you. I read Vogue at the weekend (think it may well have a been a copy you passed to me!) and guess who also read with with me? The kittens! They went mental for the pages and were nussling (sp?) up against the edges of the pages. Fashion conscious kitties - could be the theme for your next post? ;)

    1. Miaow miaow! hi kitties! This week bodes better I think, after a super-recharging weekend...


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