Wednesday, 20 February 2013

decidedly shawl-y

shawl - Muji
cotton-blue scarf - Accessorize
skinny jeans - Levis
boots - Camper

Back in November I bought a grey/blue plaid shawl from one of my favourite stationery-clothes-home-stuff - everything shops, Muji - see post here. It is designed to be worn lots of different ways. Last week I was in London, and popped in to but another in grey / white stripe. I am a one for buying multiples When Things Work.

darned pesky label
This way - as an asymmetrical shawl - is my favourite - but I must try out all the other ways too.

first ever back shot? I can't do them as well as Megan (link)
I also need to remember that clothes can be worn different ways! It never occurred to me that I could wear these jeans cuffed a little, with ankle boots. I was wearing them only tucked into tall boots, and while I like it generally on other people, I'm not overly crazy about the look on me. But with little diddly cuffs? I am very happy. Here was I, planning for a new purchase of jeans to wear with ankle boots. Under my nose the whole time.

How inventive are you with outfits? Do you need to push yourself to experiment? (Sheila and Megan Mae, I know what your answers will be! - you two are my wear-it-different-ways-inspiration, btw).


  1. For me, it depends. I am inventive in some ways (color combinations and layering) but not in others. I'm not great at wearing items in different ways, for example.

  2. Love the shawl! You find the coolest stuff, it's basic on the surface, but with a unique twist. That's how I think of your style, classic with a twist.

    I try to push my limits as much as possible, you know! I agree with you though, that some ideas don't always work out on myself, but it never hurts to try. You can always change things up.

    Of course, I'm still anxious to get my new boots back. You've had me obsessed with chelsea boots and I can't wait to wear mine!

    1. I am so glad to have passed on the chelsea boot-love! hee hee!

  3. I love that you cuffed your jeans! They look fantastic. Heh, yes, you know I like to experiment with my clothes - I don't mind making mistakes and having something look gawdawful. At least it's a try, right?

    Just me, not a fan of shawls - they don't look like that on me (so unfair!). Very cool on you, though, SS. :)

    1. And I always find your experiments inspiring...

  4. Fun shawl. I'm a sucker for stripes! I wish I had one right now because I'm freezing in my office.

  5. I never wore anything other than the way it was hanging on the rack, until I started reading real peeps style blogs. I'm still not very creative that way :P

    I used to buy multiples all the time, but have tried to tone it down. However, I do see how multiples of that cool striped shawl could be absolutely necessary :)


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