Saturday, 12 January 2013

Trouser takeover

Recycled pic
Dress - Hobbs (sale)
belt - Hobbs (outlet)
scarf - gift
berry tights - M&S
berry shoes - Camper
On Thursday I wore my new knitted dress as first worn on New Years Eve, as above. No picture as I went to Fitball after work & changed. Fitball (like Pilates on a gym ball / some matwork) was great - fun & mood-improving. I am aching like mad in random muscles, so it must be doing something good..

Friday, I had a no-trousers fail - I had one more skirt left in my wardrobe to make it a full (working) week of no trousers, but I was going to the cinema after work & my jeans were like a siren call. Thankfully Bethie made me feel better by also wearing trousers.

Hello my pretties
jeans - Topshop
stripey top (colleague said I looked like a zebra) - Masai
turquoise looped wrap - from Amsterdam
tshirt - Reiss
Saw Les Mis at the cinema - I'd not seen it before on stage etc & really quite liked it - I remember Sheila saying it was a bit Talking Heads, but I didn't mind the close-ups so much. The best thing was it gave some good dramatic escapism at the end of the week.

Am posting this Saturday, about to go ironically, trouser shopping (!) with my Les Mis ladies - one, S needs new trousers after we weeded out her wardrobe the other week.

What are you all up to this weekend? x


  1. Ha, you just couldn't resist the lure of the jeans! You look fabulous in them, of course, with added zebra for extra pzazz!
    Love the Hobbs dress on you with the berry tights. So - are you a convert? Could you imagine wearing dresses/skirts more often?
    Quiet weekend here - plenty of eating, as usual, bit of telly, nothing eventful, but that's OK! xxxx

    1. Yes, I think I will wear them a bit more now...

  2. Lovely dress. It's a wonderful style and I love the 3/4 sleeves.

  3. Now you need to go watch the 25th anniversary! It's on youtube:

    The singing is a lot better in my opinion. And the same girl who plays Eponine in the movie is in it. She was my favorite part.

    Love your jeans day look.

    1. Thanks MM, you are feeding my (growing) musicals addiction!

    2. Heehee! I blame my brother. I had only the Fantine song before the movie came out. He got me hooked on it!

  4. I was blown away by Anne Hathaway's performance, and loved the movie, although not a fan of Amanda Seyfried's singing.

    Lovely black sweater dress - I often imagine your clothes on I do love my skinny jeans, but in reviewing my 2012 pics, realize I really am a dress and skirt gal.

  5. Okay, you get a get-out-of-jail-free card for reverting to jeans - because you look so great in Thursday's dress.

  6. I traveled up the coast to see the inlaws. Ugh. Home now, need a drink!

  7. That is one amazing dress! Love how you have paired it with the scarf. Please can we set up an e-lesson in tying scarves? You clearly have great skill at it. Hooray for legs out of trousers ;)


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