Thursday, 3 January 2013


Got in today after a lovely day spent with my friend, S (aka Chipmunk)...

scarf - gift
tshirt - Whistles
drape-front cardi - Jigsaw
jeans - Topshop
wayward hair caused by woolly hat
... and stealthily took a picture (with the exciting new tripod) of the lovely silk scarf S gave me, which has dancing gentleman on it. It has a fantastic mix of very bright blues, like the tshirt, and richer navy / aubergine colours.

but what is this? Mr SS's leg photobombed my shot!

My socks were not meant to be in the photo.
Mr SS assures me that his socks are from M&S and his trouser leg is by Crew.

I am blushing from the interruption. He was coming in to bring me a glass of wine, though, so all is forgiven.

How was your day?


  1. Ooh very nice scarf! And I'm laughing at Mr. SS's photobomb!

    My day was pretty good, thanks for asking, lol!

    1. Glad to hear it, hope the cold is on its way out the door!

  2. Haha! How fun. DH's shadow or reflection often photobombs me. Excellent new scarf, I know it'll go perfectly in your wardrobe.

    My day was awesome! I found a new dress and new skirt for under $6 (£4) total!

    1. Great result, I will head over to 'yours' now for pictures, I hope!

  3. Oh if he brought you wine, then he is definitely forgiven! It's usually the kids and the cats who photobomb me, little buggers!
    Great new scarf, lovely colours.
    I have been entertaining small children by taking them to the cinema for my youngest's birthday. All were very well behaved, thank God. And I made a cake and provided a birthday tea, and now I am very tired and glad it's over!
    Thanks for asking. xxxx

    1. Oh you are nice. And must have lots of stamina!

  4. Ha, it looks like he's trying to pose his leg in the shot. But bringing you wine? Can he please train my husband to do that?

  5. Cute photos! I'm happy to see your man's leg stylin' in J Crew. And yes, a glass of wine forgives/cures all!


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