Thursday, 24 January 2013

Capsule win

Slightly puzzled by all the snow:
drape cardi - Jigsaw
long tshirt - Levis, gift from friend
starry scarf  -  Whistles
skinny jeans - Topshop
boots - Camper
Have been away on a work trip this wek. The event was only a short train-ride from my Mum's house so I stayed over last night and took the day off work today -  a very good idea. It was a restful and fun stay. These pictures were expertly taken by my Mum earlier today, in her garden.

colours more true in this one - though
scarf is actually bottle green
I put together the most successful capsule for the (short) trip - I didn't get the chance to photograph it like this, but it was made up of:

*long draped grey cardi (as above)
*screen-print long top (as above - has a drapey/strappy bit at the back)
*blue-green tshirt
*bottle green star scarf (as above)
*silk paint-daubs scarf
*woollen dress (link)
*skinny jeans (as above)
*purple ankle boots (as above)
*purple tights & thermals - leggings & top (worn as base layers)

For a work day Tuesday I wore: cardi + star scarf + tshirt 1 + jeans + boots
For Tuesday eve casual work dinner: long top (backless) + jeans + boots
For Wednesday smart event: woollen dress + silk scarf + tights + boots
For Weds eve / Thurs: as pictured - cardi + long top + star scarf + jeans + boots

Worked beautifully. I went a bit more casual, as everyone is dressing down a bit with the snow (the UK is panicking!). Note that thermals were worn throughout :-)

Ah, the weekend approaches ... am looking forward to catching up with blogs, after one more day of travelling about tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a good capsule's worth of items for your travels!! I adore your starry scarf and I wish I had more long cardis like that! You must be getting our snow, it's super cold here, but has barely snowed!

    1. You can have the snow back now! getting tired of it..

  2. You are GOOD at this capsule malarkey! I am a bit rubbish, I either under or over-pack. You look lovely in your mum's snowy garden. Those jeans make your legs look soooo long - or have you got taller this week?! xxx

    1. I got taller - all the nutrients my Mum fed me :-p

  3. You are the mistress of the small capsule - I bow to you!

    1. Thank you, Queen of the month-long capsule!

  4. What a beautiful place for such a cute look! Sounds like a good capsule to me. I'm sure if I traveled more I'd figure out how to remix with less stuff. I need to practice more this year.

  5. You look cozy and chic! I'm intrigued by the boots.

  6. Mom did great! The dotty scarf is my fave. I have been checking out Camper boots. They're a bit spendy, and you never see them in the GoodWill :( Ratz!


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