Sunday, 20 January 2013

A hobbit-y adventure

Sorry for a few days quiet, after the snow came on late Thursday / Friday I have mainly been hunkering down. Training course Thursday, worked from home Friday (hee hee). Over the weekend I made some curtains, caught up with a friend & today went on a Hobbit-y Adventure!

stripe top - Jigsaw
jersey loop - from Amsterdam
shrug like a hug - Maxmara on Deep Sale
biker -style jeans (lots of seams) - Jigsaw
boots - Camper
The redbrick building is an old church in need of renovating, it is all boarded up. The Hobbit film coming out recently reminded me of how I used to try to read the book when I was little(r) but never got anywhere - pipped at the smoke rings, pretty much. I picked up a copy last week, however, and can't get enough of it! So with all the snow, I felt like an epic journey into the forest (aka mind reset).

Isn't it lovely? Quite a lot of mud in some parts, but mainly... lots of snow.

I think the gods (greek?) were smiling on me - Mr Secret Squirrel found a flexible spike-crampon left behind in the snow in town the other day. With one foot spikey, I was much more in control...

..but then, just as we were about to leave the towpath and venture into foresty-goodness, he spied ANOTHER one! Such eagle-eyesight. My new nickname is TenSpike (it is usually Bird Legs). Man alive, my grip - over 8 miles - was excellent. And thank you to the two people who didn't fasten their flexible spikes on properly :-)

Anything lovely & free unexpectedly popped into your lap recently?

P.S Happy Birthday Megan Mae! It was lovely to attend your virtual party (pop over and take a look) & I'm glad you got thoroughly spoiled x


  1. What a lovely adventure! I'm glad your find helped your trip run easier. I'm boggling at the snow! Brr!

    I consider myself a very lucky lady because of all the birthday gifts. ;) I was indeed spoiled. Thanks for being a part of the party.

  2. Spikes ROCK! And I want that huggy shrug :)

    Anything fall into my lap unexpectedly recently? Well, uh, I left the GoodWill yesterday with four dresses (one vintage ala Gracey), three sweaters (including my first 100% cashmere), and three vintage scarves.

    I pro'bly should take up hiking instead of thrifting :o

    1. Your thrifting score certainly sounds like a gift from the gods!

  3. I love those spike things - I used to use them all the time when walking to work on icy days.

    I had some good scores out thrifting yesterday!

    1. Double score for you and Lynne, then! Just heading over to yours, to check out the spoils...

  4. Ooh what a lovely snowy picture! I love the spiky things for your shoes! I bet that helps with the ice and snow for hiking! I also love your scarf! Wonderful shade of blue!

    1. Thanks Bethie! It was pretty cold...

  5. I read The Hobbit as a kid and my kids read my old copy, which was rather pleasing. And we all loved the film.
    Hope there were no trolls or Warg in the forest...
    How did the people who lost their spikey things not notice? Oh well, finders keepers!
    You look lovely and cosy - keep warm, Mrs S! xxxx

  6. Ha ha, they are daft for letting them fall off their feet!


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