Monday, 17 December 2012

striped stripey stripes

hmm, why am I so cosy?
striped top - Jigsaw (merino top underneath)
scarf - vintage Liberty via Oxfam
jeans - Howies
bronze converse

Could it be merino wool socks and ALREADY SEWN-IN (checked) FLANNEL PJ's?? Why yes

My work do on Friday night was great, but it was a bit of a rush to get ready so I forgot an outfit pic. I basically wore this however (recycled pic):

Stripey top - Masai (from tiny shop in Bath, UK)
navy jersey tshirt - not seen - Reiss
nay blue jeans - not seen - Levis
gladiator shoes - Camper

... but with a darker navy jersey tshirt and dark blue skinny jeans. Fairly casual but I was warm and pretty comfortable through a long dinner.

Suggestions from the last post about getting a sweater dress for winter parties are a great idea - although it wouldn't have worked for this party. It was HOT in the room, lots of office parties jammed in together. Good dancing was had, however.

Linking up to Patti at Visible Monday in my (invisible) PJ-jeans....

I have had a heavy heart, however, since waking up after the party and hearing about the shootings in Connecticut. My thoughts are with all the families involved. Hope you are all keeping ok.


  1. Best post title ever :) In my book, stripes can do no wrong.

    I was just reading the short biographies of the victims in the CT shooting, and crying. And I can't believe how much more ammo the shooter had on him and how much worse this horrific tragedy could have been.

  2. Totally cute look and omg bronze chucks! Love them. I also love your stripey socks. I need to start showing off my wooly socks as they're some of best ones.

    My mom has a similar pair of jeans to that! They're so warm I wish I had a pair. Though it hasn't been really cold two days in a row this winter.

    I've tried to stay away from the news, as I cannot believe how they've jumped the poor kids asking them to recount the events. I don't want to give them my viewership. All hearts are heavy in light of the news. An attack also happened in a Chinese school on the same day.

  3. Me too, loving the bronze chucks! And the stripes too - my favorite "print". You look great, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with Visible Monday.

  4. I love the plaid jammy lining in the jeans! So amazing!

  5. You look so good in stripes.

  6. You look great in stripes, glad you found the right outfit for your night out. Love that check lining!

    Terrible tragedy in Connecticut, so sad. xxx


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