Thursday, 6 December 2012

skirting the issue

More stripes today, just for Lynne

Not sure this outfit worked - I wore a longer tshirt under a fitted cardi (ribbed bit at the hem) to avoid any cold draughts but think the tshirt looked like a little too-short skirt.

Several colleagues made the flicky-flicky eye down to that bit when I spoke to them today, so either the proportion looked weird or they approved of the short-longness. Who can say.

It's my Friday today as I am taking tomorrow off, yippee. Visiting my in-laws for an early Christmas :-) What are you all up to this weekend?

cardi- Gant outlet
scarf - House of Fraser
jersey tshirt - Reiss
skinny jeans - Topshop
merino leggings underneath - Icebreaker


  1. You know, I get the flicky-flicky eye (or side eye) ALL the time, I take it as a compliment! I'm sure no one could have thought your t-shirt was a dress, and the proportions aren't weird at all. It was probably an approving look-you-up-and-down look, with a trace of jealousy thrown in because you are so svelte and so cool! xxx

  2. It's my Friday today too! Yay!

    I just got a similar cardi to this last weekend at a garage sale. I wore it with a little black dress but I'm anxious to try other things too! I think yours is cute as well!

  3. Aww I think this look is great! I like to layer longer tees with shorter cardigans. It draws the eye up and creates a 2/3 balance ( <--- Not a rule book, but interesting concept to consider. I think so long as your shirt doesn't pass your crotch, you won't be cutting yourself off at an odd spot visually.

    I also love the red scarf near your face. It keeps things bright and festive.

    I'm spending the weekend getting over this flu/cold. Hopefully not passing it onto anyone else.

  4. Fashion is full of hits and misses; sometimes, our clothes are just the things we wear to keep from being naked. :)

    Best wishes for a fun time with your family.

  5. SS, this outfit totally worked, the cool cardi, the serious pop of red, the longer layer under a shorter piece. You're just too fashionable for work. But if you're never going to wear this again, I can give you my mailing address ;P


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