Sunday, 25 November 2012

some bibliotherapy and a capsule

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After a long week, I took Friday afternoon off ... to receive my Christmas present from Mr Secret Squirrel! This year we have given each other a Book Spa* from a bookshop* in Bath, UK. This involves being assigned a personal bibliophile (!) to recommend new authors to try out. Tea and cake was included (highly appropriate for a Regency spa town), and then after muchmuchmuch book discussion with my bibliophile, I got to pick out the ones to be taken home.  This week was the only time I could travel there before Christmas, so I can get stuck in to those lovely books over the Christmas holiday, whereas Mr SS wants to do his Spa in January. Each to their own :-)
*Linking only because I love the shop. I am a happy customer, 'tis all.

I cannot tell you how much fun I had. Work stress and general gloom lifted after some serious bookchat. The team are Seriously In The Know With Books and I had a massive pile of books 'prescribed' to me to look through, each given a little intro/overview by my bibliophile. I've been introduced to so many new authors. Lovely books now handed over to Mr SS Santa - not to be looked at until 25 December!

Aside from the Pile, there were about 10 more that I will return for next year... and another 3 I bought separately, to read next week. 

Now, I will be away after today for a work-thang (technical term) for a week.  As pictures would likely be rubbish mirror-pictures I will hold off blogging and will post next on Saturday instead. Should hopefully be able to keep up with my blogging friends though, phew. It's be a grey week if I couldn't do that.

So, a capsule for next week -

I will be needing to have something to travel in, then look smart* each day plus have something to wear to dinner in the evening (not so formal though), plus to lounge around in my room (and I have heard whispers of a pool, so a swimming costume is coming too).
* This is never a suit, in my world

1 knee high boots
2 ankle chelsea boots / spats
3 gladiators (bit more summery but I'll be mainly conference hall / hotel-based)
4 black cigarette pants (ok black trousers - I just like that name)
5 green snakey-print jeans
6 turquoise jersey loop scarf
7 multi patterned scarf
8 silk vest, to wear as a warmer layer
9 blue drapey cardi
10 navy blue rollneck
11 navy stripe fitted cardi
12 navy stripe long sleeved top
13 navy tshirt
14 emerald green tshirt
15 turquoise tshirt
16 grey/navy stripe long sleeved tee
17 ice blue waterfall cardi
18 patterned silk top
19 teal vest top
20 navy tulip skirt
21 navy/grey check scarf (can also be worn as shrug & shawl)
22 tweed stripe skirt

What do you think? Not pictured are woolly tights, pj's and a big cotton fishermans jumper for lounging in. Have tried to go for multiple tops but also one more pair of trousers / skirt than I'd normally pack. 

Hope you are all keeping well, my lovelies and I will be seeing you in a week xx


  1. I think I want your boots, and the list of books you were given!

    Safe travels next week!

    1. Thanks Lynne, all travelling went well x

  2. Highlight your text then use the "remove formatting" tool (it looks like an eraser in the icon bar).

    Love the capsule! You're so good with these. Your bibliophile spa thing sounds so cool.

    1. Thank you, I have made it worse with white now - think it was because I copied and pasted text in. Won't do that again. Today's post is fine, phew.

      You are the capsule queen, don't forget! Your year-long challenge inspires me.

  3. What cool gifts! A book spa sounds amazing. I usually just pick based on reading the back of a book or picking up cheap deals.

    I love how well everything in your closet works together. It's probably always best to pack as much as you can be prepared for, than needing to rush and buy something.

    Keep warm and safe travels!

    (Also if your text ever goes wonky again, try highlighting it all and hit the button that is a T with a red X on it. It'll erase all text formatting and then you can add any bold/italics back if needed)

    1. Thank you for formatting help. Think I shouldn't copy & paste.

      I have just finished reading the first of the books I was recommended (not from my Christmas pile though). It was really good and just what I needed.

  4. A book spa? What a good idea, never heard of that before, sort of a personal shopping experience but for books not clothes. I am such a cheapskate, I pick up all my books at charity shops, and only ever get new ones for gifts. I will have to think what to ask for as my Christmas book this year.
    You are very good at constructing capsules for your trips away, I would panic a bit about having to do that! You selection looks great.
    Hope you have a good trip. xxx

    1. The book spa was so so good. I love reading, and while I find great fiction in my local Oxfam/Amnesty shops, I was in a bit of a rut with my detective fiction. So excited to tackle that big pile at Christmas.

      Looking forward to catching up on your posts x

  5. Books are the best. Learning how to read was the smartest thing I ever did. Enjoy!

    1. And me! thanks Ally. P.S Love your new car :-)


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