Saturday, 10 November 2012

Lynne-homage & a shopping trip

On Friday I took the plunge and wore a wardrobe item a la Lynne. I love how she wears shirts under dresses -

I rolled the sleeves up later as my office was hot

The dress is original 60's Marks& Spencer (with an old-style St Michaels label), and seems unworn. It has great seaming detail at the waist. I never feel I have much to wear with this except the odd cardigan, the colour seems hard to match - a real chocolate brown. Colours that I think will go just...don't. I was happy with this combo though! What else would you wear the dress with?

Here with bargain cashmere wrap -

First ever time I have worn these boots with a skirt...

Then I partaaay-ed last night in my snakeprint jeans. Much fun & 80's dancing was had, and I got the last-but-one train home. I laid off the wine, as today I was meeting up with friends S & D in Cardiff (capital city of Wales). S is getting married next week, and as well as having a great big lunch, she picked out wedding shoes --- and um, we sewed her veil in John Lewis' teashop*! She had the embroidered fabric / netting, it just needing attaching to a hairgrip/comb thing. The other tea-drinkers were quite interested in our project. She looked beautiful :-)

*John Lewis is a big department store, for non-UK peeps.

I dressed for comfort and cheer in my favourite shirt -

shirt - Aubin &Wills
star-print scarf - Whistles
blue tshirt - Whistles
skinny jeans - Topshop

I made some great purchases - bottle green tights to go with this dress in particular, to get some winter-wear -

taken when boogie-ing at Sheila's virtual party :-)

Also some crafty stuff, some Christmas presents ... aaaand some new footwear. Woof!

hee hee, just couldn't resist

What have you all been up to this weekend?


  1. I am madly in love with your Marks & Spencer dress. I carefully noted the length. I've decided I need to shorten skirts and dresses, and I love how your dress shows off your legs. You could wear lots of colors with this dress, blues, purples, blacks, or neutrals, including your fave cardis and scarves over it. I am dying to find brown boots I can wear with skirts.

    You sound like you had so much fun. I love to dance, especially to 80s music. Well, since that's what I danced my 20s away to :P

    So far this lovely long weekend has been quiet. Enjoying reading and having no place to go :)

    1. Ok, I will try all those colours put.

      Re:skirt lengths, I have made a conscious effort to go a bit shorter. Seeing as I only wear skirts /dresses with tights or leggings, I feel the amount of leg is ok. And I am on the petite side, so proportion-wise, I think a shorter length works better.

      Lynne, get your legs out! Don't mae me tell you again!

  2. I love that M&S dress! The shirt looks great under it - with chocolate brown, you should be able to wear lots of colours with it. Just keep trying!

  3. Totally adorable Lynne inspired look. I need to work on layering my sleeveless dresses with shirts. Your dress has amazing seaming. Keep remixing it, you'll figure out the difficult color!

    Your pup slippers are too cute!

    I spent my weekend cuddling kitties, watching the Big Fat Quiz show on youtube and sewing for tomorrow's Sew Sunday special.

    1. Thank you Sheila and MM, guess I just need more colour in my wardrobe, and to be a bit braver at mixing it with the dress.

  4. The St Michael dress looks great on you, an excellent fit and perfect length, and the shirt underneath a la Lynne is lovely. I reckon you could wear any colour with it, all the autumn tones of mustard/orange would look great, or a bright green or turquoise. Please show us your experiments!
    Dancing and friends and wedding prep and shopping sound like the elements of a good weekend! Children, mine and other people's, have featured heavily in mine, but today is going to be lazy, with only the merest hint of activity! xxx

    1. Thank you Curtise. It was such a find. Not a bargain though, the vintage dress lady saw me coming!

  5. Very pretty! That Lynne sure is a smart woman.

    The cute slippers make me smile.

    1. The tails at the back crack me up! Not to be paired with my Lynne oufit..


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