Friday, 16 November 2012

let me count the ways in grey

Hello my lovelies.

This week,

Yesterday was yellow. I'm afraid no pictures were taken yesterday, nor was yellow worn. However yellow was worn on Monday in this scarf, so not a complete skive. Yesterday's outfit was a medley of blue (favourite colour of choice at the moment).

Today's colour is grey. Much easier - I had planned to wear lovely grey wool shorts, but as usual hadn't ironed my shirt and the shorts looked weird with a tshirt. So wore the grey tweedy skirt instead:

Grey check shawl with grey striped tweedy skirt and charcoal tights. Shoes (out of shot) are skyscraper heels. Just kidding...
The shawl is new to me, picked up when Christmas shopping on Tuesday, from Muji*, a Japanese company that sells very well designed stationery, travel stuff, home stuff and clothes. The clothes are usually adaptable / quirky but with minimal details. Fashion maths dictated no spending on a new jumper, but a shawl was permitted. And this shawl can be worn 8 ways! Count 'em -
*linking because I love

The one above is the asymmetrical shawl style. This is a kind of drapey bolero -

...and a sort of waistcoat:

shawl - Muji (fantastic Japanese-designed clothes)
tshirt - Whistles
scarf - Accessorise
skirt- NW3 Hobbs
grey tights - M&S
plus secret shoes
Which do you like best? I got many many nice compliments on the asymmetrical shawl version.

That's the last day of the challenge! I liked it, thanks very much to Megan Mae & Keely for setting it up.

Anyhoooo, the weekend is here. My stomach is still misbehaving somewhat so I took it to my herbalist this afternoon for a stern talking-to. I am going to try cutting out a few food types later in the month (oh the joy), but in the meantime, the herbal teas and tincture I have been prescribed are excellent, and I think making a big difference in the day-to-day.

I also bought some beautiful flowers -

Autumnal colours!

This weekend brings a haircut, a dinner out for my friend's birthday and travel on Sunday to London for a Monday work thing (it'll be fun, though and I think I'd rather stay over than get up on Monday at a decidedly ungodly hour).

What are you all up to?


  1. Ohwow! That is an awesome piece of clothing. I love it best as either the shawl or waistcoat, but it's adorable any way.

    I'm catching up on laundry this weekend because I need to wash up some new stuff that I thrifted. I've got a paper to write and hopefully a book to read.

    I need to get back to drinking my peppermint. My tummy has been rather upset too, I think from a bug that's been going around. I've cut back on dairy in my diet and it's helped some. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Your weekend sounds good, and I am also trying to tackle a laundry mountain!

      The plan is to cut out dairy and grain - particularly wheat - to see if that makes any difference. Peppermint tea is my saviour.

  2. What an awesome shawl! I love the waistcoat look the most.

    I'm going to a Vintage Fair, and an art exhibit opening (at which I'll be one of the artists!). Very exciting. :)

    1. Sounds like a great weekend. You are so talented Sheila. I remember your great post recap of a painting trip with your Mum.

  3. Let me count the greys would be a good description of my hair, in its natural state!
    It isn't a colour I do very often, but you look lovely in it, that shawl has a bewildering amount of possibilities!
    Looks great with the blue too.
    Gorgeous flowers.
    Nothing very exciting planned for the weekend, went out for a curry with the kids last night (thank god we have got to the stage where they have found things they like at the curry house, it's such a relief!) xxxx

  4. Grey has become one of my base colours. It used to be brown brown brown but I have diversified into brown grey and blue.

    Great news re: your children's eating habits! X

  5. Very pretty. Hope your tummy feels better.


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