Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Normal service to resume shortly

The post title makes me sound like a train! I am reading a history of the London Underground at the moment, maybe that sparked it.

Chug chug chugging along is how I feel at the moment. Busy (but very interesting) work including trips away - and probably the change to dark nights and mornings - has slowed my engine down ;-)

This was me on Saturday - wrapped up in a plaid flannel shirt and blue scarf, and Edwardian-style coat & boots, with a bright woolly hat. Mr SS calls me Berry Head when I wear it.

Perce (or to use her alternative names: Cleopatra Fang or Mrs P Tweeter) is equally snoozy, seen here on soft Egyptian cotton  (!) -

I'll be back posting more frequently when I'm feeling a bit more energetic. Love to you all, especially those dealing with more serious things than a bit of tiredness xxx

Sunday, 10 November 2013

furry weekend


The work trip this week was hard work but fun - and the capsule wardrobe worked out just right. It rained every day in Manchester, as expected, and a little in London - but I still had enough to wear to each meeting / event. The key part that works for me is to include an extra outfit for meals out in the evening, several bright scarves and a fresh top for every day of the trip.

On Saturday, I headed into town for my regular 3-weekly acupuncture appointment. While there, I got my ears re-pierced (not fazed by 2 more needles after 15+ in my back!) and traded in my consignment credit + £7 for this lovely berry-coloured furry gilet top (fake fur, of course) -

tiny titanium earbolts make me happy

 So so warm. It zips up at the back so fits nicely. The furryness is really very exciting, behold -

the furryness also makes me happy

And now for something really furry -

Perce has learned to sit down when we stop for coffee by the Dilapidated Victorian Graveyard (with a steady stream of treats of course). Atta girl.

Right, I'm off to catch up on blogs - I am very behind on everyone's news as my android phone would only show me a tantalising peek of t'internet while I was away - so I have some catching up to do! XXX

Monday, 4 November 2013

New boot love & 4 days capsule

Hello lovelies. Sorry for quietness. Last week was hectic at work, so I powered down in the evenings and recharged. Ditto the weekend, with some windswept wet walks with (the) woofer and nice food.

Mr SS is very very nice to me, and gave me new boots to perk me up. Dark brown leather with ink-blue buttons.

Aren't they pretty? From the favoured Camper. But a bit Fluevog-style too, do you think?Guaranteed, these will love my feet. I hope Camper never change their fit, because they ARE my feet.

I am going on a work trip for the next four days and need a capsule that will fit in my suitcase along with work papers, books and a giant washbag (I do not travel light in cosmetics). It is a bit cold and I am going oop t'North West, so need layers.

OK, here it is:

From the top- 3 jersey tees (navy, charcoal & black), 3 scarves (gorgeous multicoloured silk vintage Liberty, soft teal horse scarf and rose pink wool scarf), prawn-leg skinny jeans, 2 pairs narrow-leg trousers - in stretch black cotton (photo distorted in colour, weirdly), and dark grey jersey -

Plus - the hubbahubba striped knit dress, two drapey cardis (in ice-blue and charcoal) -

Plus a striped wool skirt and long sleeve striped tshirt.

With the new boots & some ballet flats, I am hoping this will cover 2 days at a conference, and 2 days of meetings, plus a posh dinner (yum), an evening reception and a final evening all to myself!

Mr SS is staying home with Perce this week, who has taken to looking winsome, wrapped in blankets.

I is a deep thinker

Hope you all have a lovely week, and see you at the weekend! xxx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

A new coat.... and some weekend


Well happily, after my last cheery post, the week continued on being nice. Including time to get my hair trimmed and coloured - I think it will have grown to the length I'm aiming for in the next month or so, hopefully...

Now, this tunic dress. A bit on its last legs (the photos don't show the bobbles) but a favourite. Every so often, like in this post, I forget how short it is and wear it with tights not leggings. Leg-baring went on all day today & I only remembered at home-time. Ah well ;-)

So happy to have neater and redder hair.

Now a new coat - but not for me!

Perce is feeling the cold...

Is this my best side?

It's a Barbour* too! I know! But in tiny size, so not overly spendy. It fits Perce perfectly in the body, but I've needed to add elastic to the belly strap as she has been eating too many sausages, or something...

*UK waxed jacket company, linking only because I like. My waxed cape is from there.

This picture looked shadowy and Sherlock-like -

Then the weekend came along & was very welcome. It passed in a blur of overalls - we did some painting & decorating (see here for my whizzy DIY outfit. If I am not wearing overalls, it ain't DIY).

Saturday evening, the reward for painting lots was pizza and Montalbano -

I liked the lady's hairdo and tried to get a picture of it.
She unfortunately met a sticky end.
Sunday we headed out to the Dilapidated Victorian Graveyard. On the way back, we stopped by neighbouring allotments which look out over the city -

look where? why?
 Outfit pics went out of the window. Little tinker -

Painting done now, time for feet up & wine. Hope you have all had lovely weekends - what have you been up to? xxx

Monday, 21 October 2013

Visible knitted dress and a panda


Today I had an important meeting and wanted to feel swish but warm. I was up early and it felt cold - so out came my dark grey and black sale bargain knitted dress, with a blue/brown swallows scarf, blue tights & brown boots.

When I got to Paddington station in London, Ikea were doing a bear sale for charity - below is the stall - the white speech bubble on the right (below departures board) says - "Teddy honesty box'. You put money in an envelope and posted it in. Not that trusting though - the man in a high vis jacket (just seen, next to speech bubble and behind cardboard trees) was a security guard. Guarding the bears.

The pandas were selling out fast. It was quiet when I first took the photo then as I was leaving, a crowd descended around the bear box! It was funny to see people leaving the station carrying bears. It did look a bit strange when security looked in my bag later ('A panda?').

It all reminded me of the bear shop when we visited the pandas at Edinburgh zoo - see post here -

Somebody thought the panda was for them -

*Percy stamps paw*

I am hiding it behind my back as she goes huffing off.

It was a lovely day in London (no rain, in contrast to the South West, where I had travelled from) -

Mornin' Admiral

And there were lots of excited tourists, which always makes me smile. I still get a kick out of going to London, even though I sometimes go weekly for work.

So all in all, a pretty good Monday! I am shortly heading over to Patti's to be Visible in my knitted dress (before getting an early night) - why don't you come on over to Visible Monday?

Happy Monday xxx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weekend: stripes, flowers & drizzle


Taking my pic under a print of a local street (known in my head as the Street of Romance), Mr SS and I got engaged (well, on a hill just off it), bought our rings from a local jeweller and held a party a month after we got married to celebrate. The print (not hung skew-whiff, it's my photo-taking) captures the street at night, shadowed, spooky and Sherlock-style.

I had a bad case of mardy-face* in the full length pic I took this morning. Happily, I have worn a similar combo before, so here I am last December, with shorter non-red hair and similar bandit scarf -

*mardy = grumpy in Midlands / Northern England speak!

My jeans are wideleg 70's style - with a secret - flannel pajamas sewn inside! Behold -

Every pair of jeans should have added pjs. They make me smile.

What are you all up to this weekend? My Mum is visiting - she met Percy for the first time. Here is Percy on Friday night, getting herself spruced up and ready for lots of fuss. They are getting on famously.

captured mid-lick

Lots of love xxx

P.S. Got some super flowers from the train station flower lady* again - orangey thistles, yellow weed-like ones and long sprays of orange flowers. This week she noted I always pick out the weird flowers. Busted!

*linking so you can her gorgeous display at the station. Linking only because I love & to support local business.

pre-drizzle on Saturday

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

In the greys and some shaggy hair


Percy hasn't quite mastered facing the camera. Today was a mixture of textures in grey - a graphic tee (gift from Chipmunk!), wool cardi and jersey narrow-leg trouser. Plus a grey-blue-green striped scarf, tied in a Roman Knot.

Despite the mutedness of the greys, I think it looked more interesting - and the textures more distinct IRL than in my pictures (which is why I am asking Santa for a new camera. Suggestions very welcome).

cardi - Jigsaw
scarf - from Rome
narrow-leg trousers - Jaeger (outlet)
graphic tee - Levis (gift)
brogue boots - Cara London
My hair has started to get a little flicky & shaggy - more so than usual anyhow. Several people at work have asked if I am growing my hair out (yes) - I was telling one person that the last time it was longer than an elfin cut, I was in my early teens, behold -

I loved that hat and jumper. I was kneehigh to a grasshopper then (aka tiny).

I also dyed it red a lot around this time -

This was taken on a school trip. I pinched the picture from the school noticeboard display as it was the nicest pic of me I'd seen. I may look bored, but I was actually really interested in what was being said to me! And wearing a borrowed cagoule!

My next trim is in two weeks, I hope it will be a nearly-bob by then.

Hope you are lovely beginnings to the week... xx